Virtual ER was established in 2012 by International Medical Direction LLC (IMD). IMD is a group of innovative and deeply committed Physicians, Nurse-Paramedics, Fire-Fighter Paramedics, Educator and Software Programmers dedicated to the vision of distributed medicine beyond the doors of the ER.

Virtual ER was IMD’s design to be the Virtual Hospital for EMS and remote medical teams to ‘house’ their patients for in-home telemedicine based treatment.

As a background to this concept; In the latter part of 2011, the IMD founders saw the future was not in brick-and-mortar expensive facilities but directly in the patients home. With the growing cost of hospital centered healthcare this future could only happen with the advancing technology seen in computer and cellular technology paired with the growing technician level work-force of EMS.

In essence the future was identified that medicine would evolve into a model of distributed medicine where an on-premise or ‘on-scene’ technician with very advanced skills could effectively treat to the level of urgent care or clinic the patient in a safe and cost effective way paired with a supervising physician via telemedicine.

To the founders, it was immediately obvious that this technician level work-force work need to be deeply embedded in the community, committed to community safety and wellness, and appropriately distributed through the community population. The obvious and only logical choice was the fire department.

The Virtual ER was then born out of the IMD brain-trust as an immediately recognizable brand to provide this service.

Read through the pages of this website and reference the various links for important information about this imminent change in healthcare. After that, fill out the information request for a free in-person, phone or webinar based consultation with our staff. Along with the consultation we will also include two free command/administration oriented CME programs to inform decisions makers to the future of Medicine and EMS.